I’m so grateful to be in a circle of story, song, and journey with others who seek meaningful relationship with ancestors. Gemma feels deeply grounded, very loving, and extremely knowledgeable. She shares her experience and understanding in beautiful light. There’s only been one class, but I feel it all within me… and I feel myself walking the circle with a central fire and sky above.

 Lucy Hassinger, Trumansburg, New York

In the Healing US Workshop I took, Gemma strengthened my understanding of what it means to be an active participant in this unprecedented time we are living. With Gemma’s knowledge, her compassion, the stories she shared, and the guidance she gave on using the Tarot, I am able to connect the dots for this new normal in a way far different than I would have done before the workshop. Gemma is down-to-earth, professional, and compassionate, and her respect for all sentient beings set the tone for a very beneficial–and beautiful–experience. Thank you, Gemma!”

– Janet Roper, Animal Communicator, Montana