Winds of Change

Understanding Intuitive Intelligence & Oracle Cards



Gemma B. Benton


Gemma Benton is a traditional Native American singer, spiritual activist, author of the Shift Network's "Reweaving Your Ancestor's Story" and the Healing Her Story Oracle Deck.
Gemma's transformational work is a blending of the tools and teachings she has gathered during her twenty-seven years of working with intergenerational and historical trauma in Native American and indigenous communities.
She uses story, art and ritual to help people navigate life's difficult places and  reclaim the wisdom and power of their ancestors.

I think most of us would agree that these are really confusing times.
Confusing but important!  Perhaps more important that ever. 
Every day we are deluged with a mountain of data and information. Much of it contradicting or redundant. With information coming at us from everywhere, how do we know what to really pay attention to?
How do we know who to trust and how to make sense of it in our own lives? 
How do we find meaningful and solid answers quickly?
In one word? Intuitive Intelligence.

Intuitive intelligence is not just trusting your gut or flying by the seat of your pants. Intuitive intelligence is about systematically understanding and developing language between conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves and with the dynamic field of intelligence in all sentient life. 

Join me as we explore intuitive intelligence, understanding what it is and then how it impacts our lives, health and relationships.

And in this webinar we will learn:
  • what intuitive intelligence is and why it's an important part of your empowerment and self reclaiming process

  • different systems for accessing intuitive intelligence

  • and oracle cards can help you get meaningful answers quickly and help you develop your intuitive intelligence in any area of your life

When you sign up for this webinar you will also get your own copy of the Winds of Change Card Spread and learn how to use it so that it becomes a trusted tool for accessing deeper wisdom and power in your life.

I look forward to sharing this empowering conversation with you!

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