Like you, my life gets busier than I would like. But I value long, meaningful conversaions with people who care about the things that I care about. I would love to have virtual coffee with you. Get to know you, what inspires you, what you hope for, what gets in the way of all that. So I invite you to grab a warm cuppa and let’s connect! 

There are a few ways we can do that online.

First, here’s my scheduler. I’ve set aside 30-minute segments where we can have a meaningful conversation and just get to know each other. No pitches. No agendas. Just getting to know one another.
Here’s the

Second, I am on social media. I’ve gotten so I spend less time on social media but I still check in. Instagram is definitely my thing. Mostly because it is beautiful and  thoughtfully curated. So you will definitely find me there at least once or twice a day.
Here’s the link:

I am also find me at