The Healing Her Story Oracle Deck is comprised of 55 images gathered along my journey as a mixed  Native American woman, living in two worlds remembering, reconnecting and reclaiming my relationship with the Sacred. 

The Healing Her Story Oracle deck arises out of this very special moment in history where we are experiencing an implosion of time, history and conflict. But are not running, we are not hiding. Instead in this time and place, with our ancestors, we are healing. We are growing. We are standing up and standing strong. We are holding each other up. We are growing powerful because of, not inspite of. With each implosion we are breaking down barriers, limitations, fear, injustices and building strength and resilience, within and without. As we grow stronger we are healing the generations with us; past, present future. With our ancestors we are remembering both the places of injustice and loss along with those places of power and healing. 
Embedded within the Healing Her Story Oracle are indigenous teachings and language, stories and rituals.  With each card we use stories and teachings as a way of moving into humble inquiry and spiritual practice in our stories and the larger collective story of feminine power and wisdom.  
Think of the Healing Her Story Oracle as a way of interacting with your higher self, your ancestors, angels or spirit guides. Not in a way of telling you what to do or even predicting what happens next, but of sharing insight and wisdom as they gently guide back to your place within the Sacred Circle.

Healing Her Story Decks are currently available  at $65
( $55 + s/h US.  Canada it’s $77 s/h ) 

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