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The Ancestor’s Journey is an online, five-week spiritual journey through mixed media art, encaustic, and cold wax process. The Ancestor’s Journey is an amazing adventure, actually, it’s likely the most amazing adventure you’ll ever make because it is an adventure into your own living story and with the people, places, and stories that are most deeply connected with.  The Ancestor’s Journey is a powerful container for leaning into forgotten places and honoring our ancestor’s stories so that we seek to bring those stories to the light — healing the generations and reclaiming our wisdom and power. For ourselves, with and for one another.  

The Ancestor’s Journey online course is for you if you relate to one or more of these:

  • feel distant or separated from your culture, your ancestors or other places of belonging,
  • feel drawn to culture, heritage, and indigenous perspectives,
  • enjoy working with natural elements and love the rich textures of aged and weathered elements,
  • would like to explore the spiritual alchemy of art, creativity, and self-expression,
  • have a message or a story and are ready to explore its depth and significance,
  • are ready to reclaim your voice, your wisdom, and your power.
Honoring Your Ancestors Story

Honor your ancestor’s story by creating a unique art piece that incorporates symbolic elements and layers. No prior art experience is necessary. Literally much of what we do is as simple as cutting our images and gluing them onto paper or a board. Experienced artists will appreciate the unique perspective they gain from learning about encaustic and cold wax art techniques as well as exploring indigenous perspectives, storytelling, and ritual.

Transformational Story & Song
As a Native American singer, Gemma weaves in transformational story and song with layers of rich metaphor, spiritual language, and healing energies.

Remembering Forgotten Places

Exploring your ancestors story or your own life story is a very powerful way to heal trauma and release negative energy patterns embedded in DNA and passed down from your ancestors long ago.

What’s In This Course?
This online course contains over six hours of richly created, pre-recorded audio and video along with over 40 pages of written material that will guide and support you as you explore your ancestor’s story and release destructive energy patterns.

Once you purchase the course, you will receive full access to one section each week for five weeks.  You will also receive an invitation to join our private, Facebook group where you will have access to ancestral healing community and ongoing conversations about transformational story and art. 

As a graduate of the Ancestor’s Journey Course, you will be invited to share your story poem or art in an upcoming anthology of healing stories and art.

Section 1: Calling In The Ancestors (Download now!)
Section 2: Remembering Forgotten Places
Section 3: Understanding Spiritual Language
Section 4: Exploring Your Ancestor’s Story
Section 5: Honoring Your Ancestor’s Story

Groups and additional support opportunities are available.

So, here’s what you walk away with once you’ve completed your course:

  • a beautiful art piece to commemorate your healing story and transformational experience.
  • audios, videos and worksheets that you can review regularly to reinforce and build on your experiences.
  • rich perspectives, empowering beliefs and paradigm shifts that will lead to a richer, meaningful, and truly abundant life.
  • a creative spiritual practice designed to reconnect you with the power of your own voice, your own creativity, wisdom, and power.
  • systems, language, and a community that supports you to live these concepts and also to expand and create from them.

About Your Guide:
Gemma Benton is a Native American singer, mixed media artist, best-selling author, spiritual activist and Coordinator for the Healing Story Alliance. Woven into “The Ancestor’s Journey” course are key spiritual principles, wisdom, and understanding that Gemma has gathered in her twenty seven years of working indigenous leaders and healers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am adopted, don’t know my family history or my family is secretive?
You can definitely still benefit from ancestral healing and the Ancestor’s Journey course. Ancestral Healing is based on your spiritual relationship with your ancestors. The connection starts with you but is based on spiritual agreements made between you and your ancestors, whether biological, adoptive, or other spiritual agreement. Your ancestors know who you are whether or not you’ve ever met them or even have ever heard of them. It is not necessary to know them by name or image. I often use found “ancestors” from vintage images that I have found online or at thrift stores to “stand in” as visual representatives for our healing work. In our section about spiritual language and symbols, we talk about the use of symbols in our healing work as well. 

What if I don’t want to work with my ancestors?
You definitely don’t have to work your ancestors and can work on stories from your own life or explore places in history, past lives or just move through the creative process without a story. Having said that, I have found that It is helpful to focus on a specific area of your life or a single problem or situation that you would like to improve or expand in. I have used the same process here on many different aspects of my life from relationships, to health and financial concerns. Ancestral healing really is about restoring our connection to the Sacred, with all of its many faces and contexts. 

What if I had a bad experience with one or more of my ancestors, do I have to work with them? Do I have to forgive them?
No. You definitely don’t have to work with them and you don’t have to forgive them. This work draws on restoring the connection of love. Love is the link. So you working with those ancestors is not part of the process at all. We are working to reconnect with those places that we already love and care about to transform these places in our lives. Having said that, sometimes in when there is profound love there are places where there has been hurt, sorrow or loss. We move through those places gently, at your own pace.  While I think forgiveness is an important aspect of this work, it is not necessary. The truth is it’s not even included as a part of this course. My experience is that more damage is done from doing forgiveness too soon out of guilt, obligation, or inexperience. My work focuses on reconnection and relationship. Reconciliation and then eventually forgiveness happens naturally as the relationship grows stronger and mutual boundaries, trust and respect have been established.

How is this course different than other art courses?

After years of being heavily involved with Native American ceremonies, I found myself without a place to call a spiritual home. Spirituality and art have always been a part of my life. But I didn’t understand how they could be blended together as a spiritual practice until about ten years ago. Over the years I have learned how to blend more of my own spirituality and indigenous practices into my art practice.  Eventually, as life lead me into the important work of healing historical and intergenerational trauma, I found that my art was mirroring what I was doing with my ancestral healing work. it wasn’t about making good or bad art, but having those powerful conversations with the ancestors. So I would say that the smaller portion of this course is art instruction or technique.  The course and art act as a container and a means to share this healing work.

Recently I have taken my mixed media art and blended it with wax in an encaustic and cold wax process.  I have fallen in love with the encaustic/wax process and have found that it adds such incredible depth and richness to my art and is a great match with the ancestral healing process.

How is this work different than other ancestral healing or family constellations work?
The focus of my work is to reconnect you with your ancestors and your own sacred identity. It is my experience that the disconnection and fragmentation of our connection with the Sacred and with a spiritual reality that is the cause of dis-ease and is an indicator of un-tended trauma. This work is as much about healing as it is reconnecting with the Indigenous spirit in us all and re-membering the systems, culture, and language that support empowered relationships with your ancestors and the spirits of land and place. 

Family constellations and most other ancestral healing work comes from a clinical perspective of unresolved ancestral trauma and does not address spiritual healing or practices, and the importance of art, story and ritual in community.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever and ever.  You will have unlimited access to this course and any other recorded materials we add along the way. The way this course is designed you could literally move through many stories, your ancestors and your own, and get tremendous insight and healing every time. Throughout the year, you will have an opportunity to go through this course as part of a live, interactive group. As you can imagine, doing it with a group is even more powerful once you’ve done it on your own.

When does the course start and finish?

As an online course, you will receive instructions for unlocking one module, each week for six weeks. You can certainly take longer than six weeks to complete your course and I wanted to be sure you did not get overwhelmed as you moved through the course the first time. After the six weeks, you will have immediate access to all the course contents and any bonus materials or updates. Neuroscience research suggests that engaging in positive, whole brain activities over time helps to create new neural pathways and will help support new, expanded perspectives and beliefs.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
 I have no doubt you are going to be thrilled with this course. But spiritual work is powerful and I understand that it may feel scary or overwhelming. You may notice a lot in your life starts changing. This is part of the transformation. I recognize that however inconvenient that there is a part of you that is ready and committed to this healing work or you wouldn’t be here. Spirit has this funny way of connecting us to places when we are ready to do the work and so I deeply trust that you are ready. And while there really is never any going back,  there can be room to slow things down. I respect that. If you decide that you really need to slow things down, I invite you to reach out and connect. Let’s have a conversation. While I do not issue refunds, I would be my honor to provide additional support or make other arrangments with you. The truth is, I would give you more, not less in the full assurance that it is help and guidance that you really want and need. I assure you, I will roll up my sleeves to be sure that together we discover what we can do to resolve that for you. If it’s a matter of not having enough time or unexpected events, the course is available for you always to enjoy at your leisure as many times as you’d like.  As always, if there’s something that you know you will need additional support with, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m honored to share this work with you and my goal and intention is that you will feel the same.

Is this course a replacement for my traditional ceremonies or other spiritual practices?
No. This course is an additional supplement to ceremony or other spiritual or religious practices. It is a way of integrating those powerful spiritual conversations deeper into our lives through art, ritual, and story. In most cases, you will find that the course may help you better understand your spiritual traditions and is easily blended with most indigenous based practices.  If you are a Catholic of Christian, you may find this course challenges your beliefs in some ways, especially in regards to life and death and the afterlife, the ancestors, the Earth, spiritual hierarchies and your relationship with the Creator or God. Our purpose here is not to convert you, convince, or sway you towards any spiritual practice, perspective or teaching but simply to create an opportunity for you to explore your own beliefs and spirituality.

Is this course a replacement for psychotherapy?

No. This course is for spiritual enrichment, personal development only. If you are in need of medical or psychiatric help, please seek out a medical or psychiatric professional. Please do not disregard, avoid, or delay seeking advice from your primary mental health care provider or other qualified health care professionals due to information provided in this course. 

This is powerful spiritually transformative work and is designed for those who understand or are willing to understand the role of spiritual relationships in regards to their health and well-being.

Will I have any interaction with the instructor?
While this is a prerecorded course and much of the materials are designed for you to do without further instruction or support. Having said that, we will be launching this course as a group on March 17th. If you’d like to do this course with the added richness of a group and more interaction with myself, this a great way to do that. Additionally, there are opportunities for personal interaction through the Facebook group, email, group sessions and live events and gatherings. Connect with us on Facebook and watch your emails for details about these opportunities.

If you have other questions, please feel free to email me at
Are you ready to start this amazing journey with your ancestors?