Are you ready to reclaim your Sacred Wisdom and Power?
Are you ready to move into active partnership with the Sacred?
In your Life? In your Relationships? In your Business?
Are you ready to accelerate your transformation?

The real heart of my work is extraordinary, transformational work. It defies boundaries, explanations, and all other man-made illusions.

I could, and I have struggled and wrestled with things to boil them down to essential little nuggets that are somehow more digestible for you. Not so you can handle it, but so that I could describe it and put onto a website to share with you.  Some of those pieces, you can see sprinkled throughout my site. 

If you’re ready to move beyond explanations, beyond boxes and descriptions. If you’re ready to reclaim your space in these sacred places, where we defy ordinary concepts of reality and power. I’d love to work with you.

My work is about transforming these places of deep wounding and disconnection and reclaiming our inherited wisdom, spiritual power, and true belonging. It is a type of emancipation, a reclamation, a restoration of divine right order. It is an alchemical transformation that happens gently and powerful in moments, hours and weeks and sometimes months. 

I offer half and full day VIP days where we can do a deep dive into this powerful work together. We can meet in locations that have significance to you or you can visit me in mine.

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