Are you ready to move into active partnership with the Sacred
and your Ancestors? 

My work is about transforming these places of wounding and disconnection and reclaiming our inherited wisdom, spiritual power, and true belonging. It is a type of emancipation, a reclamation, a restoration of divine right order. It is an alchemical transformation that happens gently and powerful in moments, hours and weeks and sometimes months. 

I offer ancestral healing sessions, in depth intuitive readings with tarot or oracle cards, healing mediumship sessions and grief ritual support.

Each session is based on your needs and may include several modalities including spiritual counseling, intuitive reading with tarot or oracle cards, healing story, guided meditation, creativity, energy healing or clearing of ancestral patterns, and mediumship. Sessions are typically around 90 minutes long and are held via Zoom and are recorded so that you can review at your convenience. 

I am available for VIP days and intensives where we can do a deep dive into this powerful work together.

The first step? Reach out!
You can email me at or text/call at 916.307.1598

What people are saying about my work

When you spoke about ceremonies to help heal the trauma I felt a brightening of the fire within me. Because there is almost nothing  left of the healing practices of my people I search for those beautiful truths of who we can be within and through connection to nature. You were able to speak in a way anyone can experience the story from the prospective of our native people. There was a beauty that was very impactful for me. A small glimpse of what was lost and continues to be dishonored. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  – Heidi, Orangevale

Thank you again for this powerful work Gemma Benton.  I’m also an end-of-life Doula with our local hospice. Last night I sat vigil with someone getting ready to pass, someone I’d not known before.  I was lead to guide him in a journey with his family, all his ancestors going way back, his friends, and people and places he has known and met in this life time – to be with anything else that might be left to let go of, his connection with all that is.  It was an honor, so sacred, to honor the leaving of his body in this way, to bridge between the worlds in this way. I’m humbled.  Thank you. All my relations. – Sandy

I had the pleasure to attend a Women’s Healing Circle at Sol Collective lead by Gemma Benton. Gemma is a great storyteller and spiritual healer. What I got from it was that i have the power to break the cycle of trauma in my family. Knowing this, I feel more confident. I felt so calm and balanced afterwards. Gemma’s work is being based on Native American culture but is for all women seeking healing in a safe place. I highly recommend her work! Lisa, Sacramento

Gemma, I attended your Women’s Healing Workshop at Sol Collective. I want to thank you for sharing your storytelling with us. The power of the healers prayers before each river crossing and the songs really hit me. In a good way. I’ve been processing the impossible river crossing and see the pattern in my own life. Not believing I can cross and not realizing the help I have available to me. Would send me the healers prayers so that I may practice these prayers at my own river crossings? Thank you. And thank you for being a vessel of spirit. It was felt powerfully. In gratitude.   – Shannon, Sacramento

I’m so grateful to be in a circle of story, song, and journey with others who seek meaningful relationship with ancestors. Gemma feels deeply grounded, very loving, and extremely knowledgeable. She shares her experience and understanding in beautiful light. There’s only been one class, but I feel it all within me… and I feel myself walking the circle with a central fire and sky above.
 Lucy Hassinger, Trumansburg, New York

I thought the class was wonderful! Gemma is an excellent teacher and storyteller. The most surprising aspect was when we divided into talking circle groups. The stories my groupmates shared were both touching and heartfelt. It was quite an experience with such lovely people.

I LOVE the storytelling! Gemma’s mixture of training, lived experience, interest in scientific research, and, most importantly, her own connection with her ancestors is very authentic and inspiring. It gives me encouragement to sit with my curiosity and my heart.

I love it. Some part of me recognized the singing… and I loved the story. After the call, I recognized the “voices” I hear in my house [not with my ears] as my ancestors’.


Your way of creating sacred space with story and with ceremonial re-membering is awe inspiring. Thank you! Very real and important healings are occurring for me. I’m also grateful for your encouragement to create and express through and with art. – Lis