Life is a song.
Whatever you are singing,
Sing it like you mean it.
Let your song move thru you,
Let it change you.
Let it change everything.

In this ancestral healing work¬†and in¬†finding your voice, it’s important to remember that everything has energy or a spirit to it. Some call this animism or animist belief. Really, it’s the idea that the world around is alive and full of spirit, with it’s own unique will or the ability to direct action and it’s own special intelligence. In my humble opinion, it’s an important concept to reclaim. If we are ever going to heal the planet, it will be because we understand the value of intelligence and life besides our own. Just sayin.

Song has a spirit. There is a collective spirit to Song and each song has an individual spirit. Each word has a specific energy, resonance or vibration. It has intelligence and a way that it “moves”. When we sing and we understand what we are singing, when we understand the spirit of the song it is an opportunity to align ourselves with that intelligence and movement.

Let’s get specific. Say we are are singing an indigenous woman’s honor song. When we are singing we are thinking about those women we are singing the song for, those women we are “honoring” or paying homage to as we are singing. We are also thinking about their sacrifices and wisdom, we are thinking about what they have overcome and survived. We are thinking about those who have traveled through life with them, other survivors, other sheroes, some we know and others forever remain nameless. As we sing we are inspired, we are lifted up. As we sing, we are creating a memory for all of those present. Some of those will become inspired, the spirit of honoring, specifically honoring women will light within them and they too will become their own kind of sheroe, whether by honoring other women or becoming a woman worthy of honor. Honoring becomes positive, viral action. We are changed and as we share the song or the story, the viral action, the movement of honoring continues.

If you have a song, sing it. Use it to heal yourself, to heal those around you. Let it move through and change you. Let it move through and change everything.